Choosing a Lender

Selecting a Mortgage Broker is just as difficult as selecting a Real Estate Broker, and just as important. The process should be the same for you, the customer. You should expect professionalism, honesty, and great service, from your lender.

The lending business is very competitive, which can be good, but can also be bad. The competition helps to improve the service, lower costs, and increase the overall value to the customer. However, the competition also increases the amount of deceptive marketing and misleading information that is in the marketplace for the consumer to take in.

If you do not thoroughly understand the mortgage business whenever you commit yourself to a lender, and most of us really don't, you are taking a major risk that you could be dealing with for a very long time. You could be completely taken advantage of, will have no idea what just happened, and be thanking everyone for it at your closing. You won't know what happened until it is too late!

Your lender should come highly recommended by people you respect. Your Realtor should be able to refer you to reputable lenders that will help you accomplish your goals. Your Realtor should have nothing to gain by this referral, other than knowing that you are in good hands with this lender. You MUST do everything you can to ensure that the person you are working with to help you get financing for your home is totally reputable, totally honest, and totally committed to YOU and your goals as a homebuyer. This assurance can usually be obtained through a consistent performance record with the people referring them. If you have any questions about financing for your home, please feel free to contact us at Regis Properties, Inc. We WILL put you in touch with the right people to help you reach your goals.